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Secure and Compliant Imaging Solutions


DRC Delivers Secure and Compliant Imaging Solutions

DRC overcomes customer concerns in large document conversion projects by implementing the following key processes.

Stringent chain-of-custody process

DRC employs and operates its own drivers and vehicles to ensure safe and secure transport of records directly to DRC’s production facility.

DRC works with its clients to develop full file inventory management and transportation  program ensuring accountability in the transport, receipting, conversion and reconciliation process. Dual signature signing increases accountability for sensitive business and regulatory applications. Shipments are recorded and tracked via barcode. Shipments status can be reviewed by clients using DRC’s Transportation Status Tracking portal.


Secure and compliant conversion services

DRC delivers secure and compliant document scanning services. Customer records and securely stored during conversion in a climate controlled records storage facility accessible by authorized personnel only. All DRC employees undergo complete background checks and undergo Privacy training.

DRC's facility is security cleared by the Federal Government to the level of Protected B for document safeguarding and for processing work on DRC systems. DRC employees are security cleared to the level of Protected B.

DRC is also a certified as compliant with CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) for producing authentic and reliable digital images for use as original records, enabling the destruction of original documents.

DRC provides extensive meta data and process control data to ensure content accuracy, authenticity and reliability and unparalleled compliance.


Seamless access to records during work-in-process

DRC provides seamless access to documents during work-in-process. DRC works with clients to set up conversion plans which ensure timely project completion. Often, key documents are requested to support day-to-day business activities during work-in-process.

DRC provides on-line access to documents leveraging DRC’s Urgent Document Request Portal. Authorized users issue requests in a customized web portal applications enabling users access to work items (documents) right in their very own queue. Once requested documents have been scanned (on-demand), an email is sent to users with notification to log back into the portal to retrieve and view the requested documents.