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Services / Microfilm-to-Digital Migration

DRC is Canada’s leading provider of microfilm-to-digital conversion services. Our high volume microfilm-to-digital production conversion infrastructure is capable of converting upwards of millions of images per week from microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. Re-purpose and activate information contained within legacy microfilm collections.



Harness Legacy information for greater value

Gain access to and extract billions of bytes of data from legacy microfilm collections and leverage it for greater informational value while delivering on-line access in support of structured content. Now legacy microfilm content can be "re-purposed" and integrated with current structured data and day-forward image repositories.


High Quality, High Resolution Conversion

DRC processes include the generation of high quality 12 – bit grayscale "digital original" copies of microfilm images resulting in the delivery of binarized output generating for clients the best combination of image quality and file size. When digitzing large microfilm collections, requests for microfilm images are made accessible to authorized users through DRC’s Urgent Request Portal.



Years of Experience

DRC was the first service bureau in Canada to provide high volume digital-microfilm conversion services dating back to 1994. DRC’s conversion experience includes scanning and indexing legacy microfilm content for organizations including a provincial Energy Regulator who required the cnversion of 1 million micofiche and 30 million images.

Today, DRC stores over 100,000 rolls of microfilm in our secure microfilm-to-digital on-line Microfilm Request Service operation delivering on-demand access to legacy microfilm images within minutes.


Integate Legacy Microfilm & Microfiche records with current information

DRC provides customers with seamless access to documents stored on microfilm. Users issue day-to-day requests managing their own request queues with All User access privileges granted to supervisors and managers. Primed by e-mail notification or through a quick check of their own request queues, knowledge workers have direct access to high quality images (scanned from microfilm) delivered from DRC's high volume microfilm scan-on-demand infratructure.