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Services / DRC-ifile Hosted Document Management

Documents are essential to business big and small. We understand that you need an easy, secure, and cost effective document management solution that will help you take control of your information, without taking on the cost, complexity and risk of implementing complex in-house scanning operations and ECM systems.



End-to-End Document Conversion & Management Solutions

Our DRC-ifile service combines our leading edge document capture services including transportation, preparation, scanning, indexing, quality assurance, system management and preservation services leveraging our robust, highly flexible, content management software suite and secure infrastructure.

Organize Your Business Easily and Affordably

DRC-ifile is easy to use and affordable way to quickly access key documents

Authorized users with a secure https:// Internet connection and a standard web browser can log-in to retrieve their documents, securely and reliably in seconds. Compared to owning and operating an in-house imaging system, DRC-ifile offers significant cost savings by eliminating the up-front capital investment, on-going personnel costs, IT support costs, maintenance and upgrade costs, license fees and infrastructure costs.



Access Documents Anywhere, 24X7

DRC will scan your paper based documents and electronically capture your critical electronic business records

We organize, manage and store your records in our state-of-the-art secure content management repository. Using a customized browser interface, your authorized users can access, retrieve, review, annotate, print, email and fax their business documents instantly, 24/7, from anywhere in the world in just seconds via the Internet, VPN or WAN connection.

Benefits of a DRC-ifile Service Deployment

No Up-Front Capital Investment
DRC owns, manages and maintains the entire system infrastructure. There are no hardware, software, license fees and development costs for you to purchase. A monthly subscription fee based on your volume and usage is all that you pay.

Very Short Deployment Time
DRC-ifile is on-line, fully functional, and is currently being used by numerous organizations throughout North America and around the world. As there is no development time required, we can roll out our DRC-ifile Hosted Document Management Service  across your enterprise in a matter of days. We simply need to define your applications and service level requirements, and your organization will enjoy all the benefits of an enterprise wide document management solution.

No Additional Internal IT Support Costs
DRC owns, manages, maintains and supports the entire DRC-ifile system and infrastructure. As a result, your IT department has virtually no day-to-day responsibility for supporting any aspect of the DRC-ifile service.

Increased Document Security
DRC-ifile incorporates state-of-the-art security technology as well as compliant imaging processes enabling the destruction of original paper based records. From advanced firewall protection, data encryption, and numerous other security protocols, DRC-ifile offers a secure and reliable solution for your business documents. Critical business content is backed-up, and can even be archived to microfilm for long term (LE 500) archival storage.

No Ongoing Hardware/Software Upgrade Costs
DRC is responsible for all software upgrades, hardware upgrades and maintaining a state-of-the-art infrastructure that will grow with your needs.

No Maintenance and Support Costs
There are no on-going maintenance or support costs as DRC assumes complete responsibility for the entire system.

DRC-ifile lets you start out small and enables you to scale up to full enterprise-wide capability. DRC-ifile is a completely open, scalable and modular system that can accommodate very simple to very complex applications, and accommodates the most challenging corporate growth plans. From one to thousands of users... from hundreds to tens of millions of documents, DRC-ifile will meet your most aggressive growth plans.

Since there are no capital or start-up costs, we targe payback at Time "0".